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10ft Standard Container

Container Specifications

  • Inside Length (metric): 2,84m
  • Inside Width (metric): 2,35m
  • Inside Height (metric): 2,39m
  • Door width (metric): 2,34m
  • Door Height (metric): 2,28m
  • Capacity (metric): 15,95m³
  • Tare weight (metric): 1.300kgs
  • Inside Length: 9ft 3in
  • Inside Width: 7ft 8in
  • Inside Height: 7ft 10in
  • Door width: 7ft 8in
  • Door Height: 7ft 5in
  • Capacity: 561 cu ft
  • Tare weight: 2,870 lbs
If you want to buy or rent this type of container you can :

For most standard containers we mention dimensions. These are typical average ISO dimensions .
It is important to note that container dimensions may vary from these slightly depending on each individual container owner’s specification.
As such these dimensions are purely indicative, and represent no commitment or guarantee from ACC.